“It was such a pleasure to work with you…the experiments were exactly what we wanted to provide Secret Eater viewers with fresh insights into the psychological factors.” Curtis Leighton-Jones, Endemol Series Producer for Channel 4’s Secret Eaters.

David Filming with Anna Richardson  copy

For more than twenty years I have helped television producers and directors develop visually exciting experiments designed and presented these on screen. My many credits include:

• Secret Eaters (Channel 4)

• Embarrassing Bodies (Channel 4)

• Your 100 Best Commercials (Channel 4)

• Duck Quacks Don’t Echo (ITV)

• Red Mist (LWT)

• Road Rages (BBC 1)

• The Colour Eye (BBC 1)


david in studio

I have made more than a thousand radio appearances as both presenter and contributor.  A Sony Award winning broadcaster, for four years I wrote and presented BBC Radio 5 Live’s Sporting Partnerships. Of this series the Guardian’s radio critic commented: “Best of the features has been Dr David Lewis’s Sporting Partnerships, a kind of  ‘In the Psychiatrist’s Chair’ without the tears. Lewis believes that “all sports are played on a six inch playing field, the space in the athlete’s head” and that it is there the matches are won and lost.”

In addition to working from studios in London I can broadcast from my own fully equipped studio.


Through my own video production company, Windflower Films I have produced and presented a number of self-help DVDs on topics ranging from psychology to Powerboating. All are filmed and edited by professional crews on location in the UK, US and Far East.

Practical Powerboating filming at Brighton Marina
Bo-Tau indoors with Danielle
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Bo-Tau DVDs and Book with stress card

Breathe Your Way to Wellness with Bo-Tau

Discover powerful new ways to enhance your health, relax your body and boost your energy levels using this unique new training programme. Bo-Tau, it stands for Breath Optimised Transformational Unlocking combinations tried and tested Eastern Yogic techniques with modern neuroscientific discoveries.

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£ 19.99

Sensualisation cover


Filmed on location in Thailand the DVD guides you through a relaxing journey that creates a profound sense of peace and wellbeing.

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£ 10.99


Mastering Your Memory

A two DVD recording of lectures I gave at the University of Brighton plus a tutorial in which you will discover powerful new techniques for learning, remembering and recalling.

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£ 10.99


Pass That Exam

Since this video was produced it has been used by thousands of students and purchased by scores of schools and colleges. Although shot in a Secondary school and featuring GCSE students, the techniques I teach can be used by students of any age studying a wide range of subjects.

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£ 5.99

Berth Your Boat & Practical Powerboating Two downloadable videos to get you started in the fascinating and liberating world of power boating. They feature Royal Yachting Association advanced instructor Jack Jackson who has taught hundreds of newcomer to the sport to handle their craft confidently and safely, even in busy marinas. These are available for £ 3.99 each. A small price to pay for top class professional instruction that could save you time, money and a great deal of embarrassment the first time you buy a boat or try to berth it before a watching crowd.

Berth Your Boat Edited

Berth Your Boat (MP4 Video Download)

Royal Yachting Association advanced instructor Jack Jackson takes you through every step of the way from entering a crowded marina to safely, easily and comfortable berthing your powerboat, even under tricky wind conditions.

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£ 3.99

Practical Power Boating

Practical Powerboating (MP4 Video Download)

RYA advanced instructor Jack Jackson explains how to purchase the most suitable powerboat for you, handing the boat at speed, entering and leaving a crowded marina safely and confidently, safety at sea and a great deal more. Made with the co-operation of HM Coastguards and the RNLI. Please note that changes to emergency wavebands since the video was shot mean that you should check these with a reliable source, such as your local Coastguard station or marina before leaving port.

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£ 3.99