I have been a professional author and journalist most of my adult life. After publishing my first book (a thriller entitled Mantissa of Death) at the age of 16, I helped pay my way through university by writing pulp fiction for an American paperback house.

Books by David Lewis

My first non-fiction book was Most Unnatural: An Enquiry into the Stafford Case. A campaigning book for the Penguin Press it sought to redress what I and my co‐author, London lawyer Peter Hughman, considered a major miscarriage of Justice. The book provoked wide interest and launched a campaign supported by many public figures including Bertrand Russell. I still do much of my writing from a desk left to me by the mathematician and philosopher.

My second book, also co‐authored with Peter Hughman, was Just How Just? a radical analysis of the British legal system published by Secker & Warburg. Despite criticism from many lawyers, including Lord Hailsham, many of our proposals were adopted by the police and judiciary.

An academic interest in the role of anxiety and stress during adulthood, led to several years of research and several books on children’s emotional and intellectual development that became international best sellers. These included: The Secret Language of Your Child; You Can Teach Your Child Intelligence; Mind Skills and How to Be a Gifted Parent. Other books for parents include Helping Your Anxious Child; Helping Your Child Through School; Your Child’s Drawings­ Their Hidden Meaning.

With American psychologist James Greene, I wrote Thinking Better for New York publishers Rawson Wade, that became a best selling business book and a Fortune Book Club Choice.  For Penguin, James and I wrote Know Your Own Mind with series of fiendish tests that enabled readers to evaluate every aspect of their mental functioning.

The Secret Language Of Success, published in the UK by Transworld and in the USA by Carroll & Graf, was also a best seller; in the US its popularity helped by a promotional tour that took in over thirty cities. Business Week described it as: “The best book on the subject” while Advertising Age wrote that it as: “Must reading for anyone entering or re‐entering the job market.”

My research into interest in the relationship between stress and health led me to write a number of books on this subject including: The Doctors’ Heart Attack Recovery Plan (with Dr John Storey); One Minute Stress Management; The Alpha Plan (made into a BBC TV documentary); Life Unlimited: Peak Performance Past Forty; Ten Minute Time and Stress Management and Information Overload ­ Practical Strategies for Surviving in Today’s Workplace.

An interest in, and personal experience of operating at a high level in the business world, led to my writing several practical guides including: How to Get Your Message Across ­ A Practical Guide to Power Communication; Winning New Business, How to Plan and Deliver Successful Sales Presentations and (with psychologist Darren Bridger) The Soul of the New Consumer: Authenticity: What People Buy and Why in the New Economy. Tim Waterstone wrote in Management Today: “This is such an enjoyable, important and timely book…required reading.” Bookpage described it as: “…a lucid analysis of a wide range of sales related issues…For anyone in the business of sending those messages; it’s an enlightening and compelling guide.”

The Man Who Invented Hitler: The Making of the Führer was based on a five-year study of ‘shell shock’ in WWI. It described the life and death of a German psychiatrist Dr Edmund Forster who treated Hitler for hysterical blindness in 1918. One reviewed described it as: “An utterly absorbing book drawing upon profound wells of research”. (For further information go to  This is currently being developed for a major TV docudrama to be broadcast in 2018.

My three most recent books are:

Fat Planet revised cover

Fat Planet The obesity trap and how we can escape it

An exploration of the physiological and psychological reasons behind the current health destroying obesity crisis which is shorting the lives of millions and threatening to bankrupt health services worldwide. (Random House)

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The Brain Sell When Science Meets Shopping

A pioneer of using brain imaging technologies to discover what is going on in the minds of consumers, I have been dubbed the ‘father of neuromarketing, I wrote this book to examine the ways in which science is being used to develop ever more persuasive ways to advertise, market and sell products or services. (Nicholas Brealey Publishing)

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Impulse Why we do what we do without knowing why we do it

Why do we so often do or say things without really knowing why? This book explores the psychology and neuroscience behind our impulses  (Random House & Harvard University Press)

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