About Me

David in histology lab

I have First Class Honours degree (BSc) from the University of Westminster and a doctorate from the University of Sussex where my research focus was on the treatment of phobias and general anxiety states.

After abandoning medical studies, I worked as a journalist and photographer in Fleet Street for more than ten years. My stories and pictures were published the National press and magazines such as Life, Match, Stern and Oggi. You can see some of the pictures I took at www.dlpl.org

Following training in broadcast journalism by the by the BBC, I presented a number of TV and radio programmes, winning a Sony award for my series Sporting Partnerships on Radio 5 Live!

After leaving journalism I returned to university, obtaining a First Class Honours degree in psychology from the University of Westminster and a doctorate from the University of Sussex, where I lectured in Clinical psychology and psychopathology, before leaving to set up in private practice.

David in lab

While conducting clinical research I pioneered a new form of therapy based on neurofeedback. This involves recording the brain’s electrical activity and displaying these signals to the client in real time so he or she can learn to alter the way their brain is working. 

From this research developed what has today become the multi-million dollar neuromarketing industry.  My book on this project, The Alpha Plan, although now out of print can still be purchased from Amazon. The BBC’s QED programme also made a film about my work that can be viewed below.

I also conducted research into the role of breathing in controlling anxiety, phobic responses and panic attacks. Findings from this extensive work led to my producing an entirely new form of therapy (Bo-Tau) based on breath control procedures.